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City of Oakland Dungeons and Dragons

City of Oakland Dungeons and Dragons is an homage to my new home and the work of artist Jolly Blackburn. Jolly’s Knights of the Dinner Table is a comic series about a group of friends who play Hackmaster (an analogue to Dungeons and Dragons-and now a legit game unto itself). It’s a series that I’ve read for 15 years now, my longest streak in reading comic books.

In this single panel piece my friends and I have uniquely Bay Area responses when being presented with the threat of a dragon. The character to the far left is B.A. Felton, the oft put-upon Gamemaster of the series.

My secret artist dream is to illustrate a cover of Knights of the Dinner Table. They do take submissions but I have yet to put something together. One day soon!



The Mission District Art of Spain Rodriguez

In Progress

Today (Saturday, March 16th) there will be a jubilant memorial for my mentor Spain Rodriguez at Brava at 1:00PM. I’ll be there silkscreening Spain’s art on tortillas and giving them out. If you knew Spain or were interested in his work please come by and say hi.

My dad recently came across postcards and prints that Spain did in the late 70’s/early 80’s at Galería de la Raza. The Galería was one of the first publicly accessible locations in San Francisco to have a color xerox machine and artists such as Spain produced all sorts of amazing prints with it. As with his comic work, a lot of the prints Spain produced were closely tied to the Mission and its then-thriving lowrider scene. Here are some Mission-based prints by Spain, unearthed by my dad.

24th St.The intersection of 24th and Bryant. You can see my dad chilling on the far right-hand side.

Blue FlameBlue Flame

Hot RodsHot Rods