Sarah’s Birthday Mix 2018

Today is my love’s birthday. To celebrate I put together a mixtape with songs dedicated by some of her closest friends. It was so great assembling this one. She is loved by so many that I had to break it up into two volumes!

Happy birthday Sarah!

El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my friends and lovers! El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards are back in the mix to get their kicks! This is the 12th year of my cards and it’s turned into my longest running project yet. Enjoy! As always, please post these cards on the pages of your social media friends, polyamorous quadrangle booty calls, instagram crushes, sanchas, Tinder regrets, and people you stalk on snapchat. To see a complete collection of El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cardsvisit:




38 and No Hate

Eyyyyyy! It’s my birthday! One of the biggest joys of my birthdays are putting out mixes that encapsulate my previous year and are a snapshot of where I’m at in life and music. This year is no different and it’s my gift back to everyone who has been with me during this 37th year of my life.

The title of this mix is a reference to the mix I put out on my 28th birthday a decade ago. Back in those days I would burn a huge stack of CDs and hand them out to people. I’ve come a long way since then.


Happy birthday to me!