Japanese Chicano Fashion – Fresh for 2014!

I am endlessly fascinated by the Chicano/Cholo subculture of Japan. It’s inspired artwork and writing of mine for almost two decades. In the last couple of years I’ve done periodic check-ins on the latest Chicano fashions in Japan (mostly from clothing brand Slangy) and I’m here with another mind-blowing report back. See my previous findings on Slangy and Japanese-Chicano fashions HERE and HERE. Enjoy!

cf-13n-002model05CALIFAS CREW NECK SWEAT

01701803152211SLANGY 7分FIGHT96 ラグランTシャツ

01701804153030SLANGY シャンブレーシャツ

01701804139230スランジー/シャツ SLANGY フランネルチェックマリアシャツ

01701804139310スランジー/シャツ SLANGY ブロックチェックスカルシャツ




And last but not least, these iPhone cases:

01701858149610SLANGY GANG Style アイフォンケース

01701858146310スランジー/アイフォンケース SLANGY スカルマリアI phone5ケース




5 thoughts on “Japanese Chicano Fashion – Fresh for 2014!”

  1. At first I thought the Japanese Cholo scene was pretty funny and kinda cool. It was a validation of sorts for a sub culture of Mexican Americans that had never received an affirmation. Now cholo style is nostalgic or even trendy. I see kids get tattoos that have no meaning to them. These are the images and lexicons of our culture our religion, what it means to be a mestizo. The duality of being both Spanish and Indian, Mexican and American. I find the images on those flannels shirts so offensive. To use La Virgen de Guadalupe as just a random cholo icon pisses me off to the core. Chicano culture is so rich and beautiful. Gang culture is violent and destructive. I think the two have been intermingled. And our culture has once again been romanticized by commercialism.

    1. Well to me “the cholo” as a style shows the dualist nature of the two cultures as well, the same guys rocking Aztec pride and down for the brown have beards that looks like the Conquistadors and high socks like European noble men from the 1400s.

      I agree that it shouldn’t be under the label “Chicano” its cholo, “choloism” that has some chicano influence but not per say its “Chicano” and indeed La virgin de Guadalupe is misused here…

      To me Chicano can never be bought or imitated by anyone -es la sangre- though I have much respect and love for you guys cross the ocean!

      Much Love from Sweden

    2. You’ll get ‘em next time, Jim. Looks like we have a new Mayor!Congratulations to you Mr. Boucher. I have been very impressed by you all the way along. I know there is a steep learning curve. I also know you are up for the task.Now….….about those utility bills. lolI was glad to see Julie Friesen top the aldermanic list. There seems to be a good balance there.Here’s to another 3 years.

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