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14 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello Mr. Yanez.
    My name is Monica and I work for Sophie’s Stress Free Soirees. We are a children’s party planning business. The owner, Sophie Maletsky, recently saw your work and would like to know if you do private events. If so, we would love to find out more information. If you could email me back at, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. hey there yanez, my name is vish. i live in singapore. i saw pictures of ur artwork, there was one which really cuaght my eye. the one with 2pac. i’m a big fan… n i wanna paint my room.. n i was thinkin of painting a potrait of him. jus like to find out abt how do i go abt..i really wanna mix it up in my room.. i also wanna paint a rising sun(japanese) sort of like a culture coalition. u know.. well if u got any idea’s please do let me know.. thanks..

    love, Vish


    your chicano art as nacho libre would say is “de beeeeeeeest!”

    i am here in east los angeles and you feel so close to home like you came right out of self-help graphics!

    i would like to know a couple of things.

    1. can i have permission to use some of your artwork as my avatar here at work? there are only 3 chicanas here and we love to make our presence known 🙂
    2. do u sell prints of your work? if so DIME!!! i would love to have your work in my casita and at my work.

    i look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for bringing life to our culture for the world to see!!!!


    y que?

  4. Hi Rio,
    Your work and writing is fantastic! I am a former bilingual teacher (I taught bilingual ed in South San Jose, CA) and went on to become a teacher educator. I am currently writing a book for Peter Lang Publishing entitled, “Inspiring Hybridity: (Un)Knowing Your Diverse Classroom: Interviews with youth in-between, evading prediction, and raging against purification in the neocolonial classroom” to be published in 2011. I think that White teachers need to have a better understanding of the lived realities of multicultural/multicultural youth and I think that a post-colonial perspective helps do that. I would love to find out if you’d be interested in doing the cover art for the book? Please let me know.

  5. Rio, I love ur werk.
    I’m Especially nterested n buying the ink cover drawing for your Ghetto Frida as well as the book. ur flikr descript said it was $3 but i think it’s either a typo or ur cheating urself…charge more!…it’s worth it & u r 2….n e ways, i wanted 2 know 1- how large is the ink drawing and 2- how/where can i buy it & the comix book? u said 2 contact u re: these rather than Galleria DLR so lemme me kno when u get d’chance, k

  6. Hello people on the other side of the world from Germany.

    I´m looking for my brother in law:
    Mr. Jürgen Kosmann.
    Found his name in google.
    He lives – or lived – in SF. Last contact is about 10 years ago.
    He must be 50 years +/- 3. 6 1/2 ft long.
    If anybody knows something about him – please let me know.

    Thanks a lot. Stefan

    1. Hallo Stefan, wenn dein Schwager mal in Coburg gelebt hat
      und seine Frau Linda heißt, meinen wir vielleicht dieselbe
      Get in touch!

  7. El Rio, love your blog!
    Your talent and humor continue to inspire and amaze 🙂
    Am heading to Pueblo Nuevo for the opening la noche, look forward to seeing you and your work there.

    La Gata O (Berkeley)

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  10. Hello Rio, my name is Laura Serratos Zavala and I am a research professor at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City.
    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to give a talk or videoconference for me and a group of teachers who are very interested in knowing more about your and your parents work, as artists and activists in San Francisco.
    I will be very grateful if you can answer this message, even if the answer is negative. By the way, do you speak Spanish? Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you accept my invitation.
    Greetings from Mexico.

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