Visions at Twilight


I also wanted to share a few photos from my annual Dia de los Muertos photoshoot with Mayra HellaBreezy Ramirez. We had an interesting time working with the theme of eviction and Mayra bravely went knee deep into the freezing ocean for me. A big thanks to Miguel Bounce Perez for creating the sign that we used. You can see the full album HERE.





Selena Ouija — Tejana Oracle


Continuing with my ongoing Board Game series is the Selena Ouija. The first edition of Selena Ouija is available exclusively through MACLA’s Community Supported Arts program. Each board/print comes with a Selena-themed planchette that allows you to divine messages from the beyond. Of all the board games I’ve designed so far this was the most fun and interesting to do research on. The real and fabricated story of the Ouija’s inventor William Fuld is fascinating. Get one tonight at MACLA’s CSA party! More info:



Batman and Anzaldua: Dawn of Justice


Batman and Anzaldua is an homage to two of my heroes, the Dark Knight and Gloria Anzaldua. It’s a follow up of sorts to an old comic strip I did called Batman and Gomez-Peña. This piece is dedicated to artists Anel Flores and Maricela Olguin, both of them involved with The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa.

Maybe one day we’ll see these two titans team up.




This Saturday! Eviction Garage Sale!


Hi everyone,

My family is having an eviction themed garage sale this weekend at Galeria de la Raza. This is your chance to score a bargain and lend  a helping hand to a family being evicted in San Francisco. I’ll be selling some cool things from my collection including:

Comic books: A ton of comics from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Get ’em good and cheap!

Books and magazines: Including graphic novels, sci-fi books, and a huge amount of 80’s and 90’s roleplaying games from my nerdy past.

Toys: Really cool stuff from the 80’s and 90’s!

Retro video games: including a huge pile of Sega Genesis games.

DVDs: Stacks and stacks of cool movies, Hong Kong action films, and 90’s anime.


I hope to see you there!