I’m in a mural

When I ran into artist Mona Caron at the last Illusion happening at the MCC she mentioned that she had just unveiled her latest mural that very same day. She cryptically said that there was a surprise for me contained in the mural. I was intrigued and wanting to see the mural with great anticipation.

My photo of Mona at Illusion
My photo of Mona at Illusion

Because of my crazy Day of the Dead schedule, I wasn’t able to check it out as quickly as I would have wanted to. To my shock, I learned that I was actually in her new mural a few days later Mona tagged me in an album of mural images on facebook. I was floored when I saw myself strolling down 24th & Mission next to Rene. I was honored to be included with a who’s-who of Mission characters. I could run a whole long list of all of the real people and details Mona has included but I was most excited to be keeping company with my peeps Guillermo Gomez-Peña and Meklit Hadero. The mural is located at 24th and Sanchez in Noe Valley, visit out this link for more details.

Detail from the mural, Im all the way to the left. Click on the image to see more of the mural.
Detail from the mural, I'm all the way to the left. Click on the image to see more of the mural.

Check out the strip of tortilla art in Rene’s hand, Mona got it right! What actually touched me most is that we’re walking past El Trebol, my favorite Central-American restaurant. Mariela and I bonded over El Trebol and we often talk about it with great sentimental wistfulness.

Mona, you have humbled me and made me so grateful for our friendship. Thank you.




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