Heavy in the Game

Every once and a while I like to google myself and see if anything new or interesting comes up. I’ll admit that on days when I’m feeling blue or stressed a little recognition can feel good. Recently I threw on 2pac’s Me Against the World on itunes and entered my name into my browser’s google search bar. After a little self-indulgent combing of the results I came across two links that brought a little extra sunshine to my day. The images below came from Art Business and document the Great Tortilla Conspiracy’s Tortilla Art for the 21st Century exhibit at SomArts. For the full report on the show click on either image.

The other link I discovered was a write-up of Adrian Arias’ final Illusion performance at the Mission Cultural Center. It comes from Mission Local and covers my collaboration with Rene for the event. The concept for the templates were created by Rene and I executed them using my Day of the Dead photos of Laulin Osher. In the photo below you can see contributions from various artists including myself (the self-portrait), Rene, and my mom Yolanda Lopez. It was definitely a family affair that night.

Last but not least I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of the latest issue of Artweek. I nervously flipped through the issue several times without finding the review for MACLA’s Art of Style exhibit. It took me a while to figure out that it was on the glossy inside back cover of the magazine. I was so excited to see my work discussed alongside Carolyn, Shizu, and Jaime’s amazing pieces. Many thanks go to Frank Cebulski for the insightful write-up. The issue is still in stores so grab a copy if you can. Click the image below to see it at full-size.




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