Rio X Birthday Crew

My birthday party was a great success. I was humbled by everyone who came from distances large and small to celebrate with me. At Mariela’s suggestion I took some of my artwork and turned them into coloring sheets. They turned out pretty well and my peoples had a good time coloring them in. My favorites are below.

By Nicole Schach
By Nicole Schach
By Winnie Chow
By Winnie Chow
By Unknown
By Winnie Chow
By David Torres
By David Torres

To see a full gallery of the sheets check out Thanks for the love everyone!




1 thought on “Rio X Birthday Crew”

  1. you have some creative friends. i had people color and fill in the activity sheet you made for my birthday. i scanned a few of them and saved some of the best. i need to find them and make a set like you did.

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