Hipsters, your only sin is that you’re boring

This post is a test of flickr’s new HD video and how well it fits into wordpress. In this video, recently shot with my new flip mino HD, Audra and Rocky wax on Culture Clash’s show at Brava and Herbert’s party. Then Herbert and Richard call us out on the street! It was on and crackin’!




2 thoughts on “Hipsters, your only sin is that you’re boring”

  1. Dude, I am soooooooooooo jealosa! I WANT one of those flip camcorders. I have been researching them way to long, and I just need to plunk down the skrilla and go about my bizness. How is the sotftware? Is it easy sleazy?

    One envious homegirl,

  2. Yoli, I haven’t actually used the included software at all. The camera is compatible with iphoto and imovie so I do my importing and editing that way.

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