Visual Stimulation via Twitter

I’ve been twittering for about a week now at signed up as a way to contact Amber Rose after she started writing and posting about the portrait I created of her. I have to say, the most exciting aspect of twitter is the way people distribute images. The short urls for twitpics that often pop up on tweets  evoke a sense of curiosity in me; more so than the many thumbnails that can be found on facebook. I think the lack of a thumbnail is more alluring and it forces you to chose to see the image or not, there’s no middle ground of a provided preview.

I recently awoke one morning to discover this image tweeted by Snoop Dogg. In it he’s posing with a wax Tupac at Madame Tussauds wax museum. It blew my mind. To see the forever youthful Tupac next to a mature Snoop Dogg was a profound reminder of just how long ago his death was. Even though he still makes music today, I’ve often thought of Snoop Dogg as a living piece of history. With all the intense violence of the 90’s scene I often wonder how he survived his G-Funk glory days. Say what you may about Snoop, it’s incredible that one artist could work side-by-side with a (now) historical figure like Tupac and still be relevant today. Nonetheless, seeing him casually posing next to a likeness of his dead friend brought up a whole range of emotions.

My favorite twitpic has thus far been this hilarious photo of Kim Kardashian with a jacked up sunburn that she herself tweeted. It gave me a good laugh and was a clever way for her to diffuse the power of an embarrassing image. By putting it out there herself, she’s made the whole thing a non-story for online tabloids.

The accompanying caption to the image reads: PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned! I fell asleep with huge glasses on yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!!

More documentation of this hilarious sunburn can be found here and here.

Wear your sunblock y’all,


Ps. I’ve currently set my tweets to automatically update on facebook. I’m starting to have second thoughts about this though and am considering making them seperate. What do most people do? Any advice?


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