A Salute to Knives Chau

At the moment, Knives Chau is my favorite fictional character. I’ve been reading the Scott Pilgrim books (in reverse order) and I’m totally taken with the series. As much as I identify with Scott Pilgrim (and his task of beating up his girlfriend’s evil exes) I’ve got a special place in my heart for Scott’s jilted tenderoni Knives Chau.

Knives represents Scott’s one act of cold hearted cruelty, their relationship and Scott’s decisions are part of what makes the series of books somewhat realistic, complex, and very interesting. I’m convinced the series will become bibles of hipster masculinity and Scott Pilgrim will be the new hipster male ur-type.

In the upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie Knives is being played by Ellen Wong. Above and below are images from Director Edgar Wright’s Flickr page of Wong as Knives. I’m totally ready for this movie. Tenderoni ahoy! Mariela will probably kill me for saying this but Knives is at the top of my names list for future spawn. Knives Yañez has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

To see Ellen Wong in action as Knives Chau you can skip to the 1:52 mark on the video below.

You can make your own Cubeecraft Knives Chau toy by printing the image below and assembling it by following the instructions included.

Last but not least here is a free download of Knives Chau Luvs LCD by Blackball False, Truth! from their album I Prefer Hello. To download SAVE LINK AS.




Tristesse / Joie

I’ve been experimenting with gradients and blending options in photoshop lately. Anyone got any tips?

I’m going to be posting some photos from Mariela’s graduation in the next 24 hours.



Bizarro World

Today my world is upside down. The state Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, which means equal marriage rights have been deprived from all Californians. I am ashamed to be a Californian right now. Fuck!

It wasn’t long after I heard the news about this that I was directed to a well written and thoughtful editorial by Meghan McCain advocating for equal marriage rights in New York.

What kind of Bizarro world are we trapped in when the most Gay-friendly state in the nation deprives its citizens of rights and we have republicans giving articulated arguments for equality? Fuck! My mind is blown.

Real talk: This is some bullshit y’all; we need to get off Obama’s jock and pressure him into fighting for equal rights for ALL of us.

Even more ashamed of my patriarchal heterosexual privileges than usual,


Graduate Girl

Today Mariela graduates with her Masters in Social Work from San José State University. This is the biggest milestone in our 9 year relationship and I am so proud of her. A wise woman once said, You want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly. Right now my baby is flyin’ high.



A quick update

I just found this on flickr, I think my big head creeps into the frame a couple of times. Check out Santigold’s two back up dancers (the rest of the people she pulled up on stage).



Ringin’ in my ears

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/netzkobold/
Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/netzkobold/

My ears are still ringing from seeing Santigold (formerly Santogold) and Amanda Blank at the Warfield last night. It was an amazing show that I’m still trying process, here are some highlights:

-There was a fight right next to us, this group of tall arrogant pricks tried to push their way to the front of the stage and this amazing group of badass Latina lesbians beat the shit out of them. It was a sight to truly behold, as many times as I’ve seen assholes rudely push their way to the front of a concert I’ve never seen them put in check like this-it was quite fulfilling. Shouts to that posse of homegirls that threw down.

-To the left of Mariela and I was the posse mentioned above, to our right was a couple in their 50’s. It felt reassuring that we weren’t the oldest ones there and that this couple could dress up and get wild at a concert like this.

-Amanda Blank was the bomb diggity. I’ve been following her since I heard Bump on the first Spank Rock album back in the day. Her show was all new material so I was totally unfamiliar with everything she performed; it was a mix of pop music with the occasional x-rated rap thrown in. She busted out with the most adorable White-girl dance moves during her performance, she moved just like Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

-Santigold singled out someone in the crowd who was waving a Wesleyan soccer jersey. Like my homegirl Lex, Santigold is a Wesleyan alumni. She talked about the recent shooting death of Wesleyan student Johanna Justin-Jinich and requested a moment of silence in recognition of her.

-Santigold’s two back-up singers/dancers were amazing. They busted out with all sorts of moves but their faces remained completely blank and stoic for the entire show, it must have been an extreme effort on their part to keep their faces from changing while they moved like that.

-Santigold closed the show by bringing out Amanda Blank and performing their mash-up of LL Cool J’s I Need Love and I’m a Lady with Amanda rapping LL’s verses. They then performed Spank Rock’s B.O.O.T.A.Y. (itself an homage to 2 Live Crew’s Too Much Booty) and eveyone danced their asses off.




To download Amanda Blank’s Might Like You Better follow the link on the image above.

To download Santigold’s Your Voice follow the link on the image above.

While on the subject of Amanda Blank, I’ve been looking for an excuse to share this video of Amanda Blank, Spank Rock, and Benny Blanco sharing their Top 10 songs to do it to. Amanda is hilarious in it and there’s a great clip of her rappin’ in the end. Enjoy!
Vodpod videos no longer available.