We are The Rathboners

So I have been virtually absent from online activity for the last two weeks. I wish I could attribute it to something dramatic or catastrophic but the truth is I bought an HDTV and a Playstation 3 (160GB, natch) and I’ve been way too occupied with it. As I type this I’m watching John Cusack and Hilary Duff in War Inc. on blu-ray with it. I’ve been playing Fallout 3 and the “art game” Flower.

Even when I leave the houseI still end up on the PS3, I recently went to a birthday party for my friend Carina and we ended up playing Rock Band all night long. Our group was named The Rathboners Named in honor of Carina’s love of actor Jackson Rathbone. Here we are in action below performing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Maps.

I’m back on my art game, just after I reach the next level in Fallout 3.




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