Nacional Roadtrip at the Elbo Room (with animated gifs!)

This past Saturday I ventured down Valencia street to the Elbo Room to see Pacha Massive and Banda de Turistas perform as part of Nacional Records’ roadtrip concert series. I’m a big Pacha Massive fan so I jumped at the opportunity to see them live and in the Mission District no less. I loved their performance and they featured a mysterious new singer who was great (and had awesome style).

The show was my first time seeing (or hearing) Banda de Turistas and I enjoyed them as well. The highlight of the show was when the lead singer and guitarist both jumped into the crowd and finished the last few songs of their set on the floor.

At the show was KPFA’s Rosi Reyes as well as my fellow members of the SMFF Crew: Calitexican and Meligrosa.

To round out the night I shot some animated gifs of the show and post-concert boozin’. Check ’em out:




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