Favorite Artists & Colorists in the Game

Whenever I talk about the path that led me to be a visual artist I always start with comic books. My childhood dream was to grow up and draw comics (or penciling as it was known back then). As an adult my appreciation of comics has evolved alongside the technology used to produce them and I have become obsessed with color design in comic books.

Back in the day most mainstream titles had their own colorists who would apply zipatone patterns to create color images in comic pages. Now most comic book illustrators color their own work using Photoshop and Illustrator. Looking at how far the use of color has come in them I can honestly say my dream job would be doing color and digital production work for comics. We’re in the midst of a fascinating movement of color design. Below are a few of my favorite artists working with color in comics.

James Stokoe (http://orcstain.wordpress.com/)

Frank Santoro (http://coldheatcomics.blogspot.com/)

BONUS: Read the entire run of Santoro’s Cold Heat for free online HERE

Naomi Nowak (http://www.naomi.se/)

BONUS: Read a preview of Naomi Nowak’s Graylight by clicking HERE

Kristian Donaldson (http://www.kristiandonaldson.com/)

J. H. Williams III (http://www.jhwilliams3.com/)




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