Did someone say Frida?

I just got back from seeing Slumdog Millionaire at the Kabuki with Mariela and my mom. It’s become a Thanksgiving tradition for us to go to the movies and catch a late night show. I returned home tonight with my tummy full of turkey and my mind racing in reaction to the brilliance of Danny Boyle’s latest film.

What’s most on my mind is the namesake of lead actress Freida Pinto. When Mariela and I saw her name in the closing credits sequence we looked at each other and made faces that said “Oh Snap!” Freida Pinto sounds like it could be the name of a homegirl lampin’ at the MUNI stop on 24th and Mission. I was instantly intrigued. As the credits rolled Mariela and I contemplated the possibility of a Latina being cast as an Indian in this film. It seemed nigh-impossible but a doubt lingered thanks to Bollywood/Hollywood a (pretty awful) movie that featured an Indian woman who passes herself off as Latina.

Our conversation ended with me saying “I’mma google that shizzle as soon as I get home.” I did, sure enough, and could only definitively find out that she is in fact Indian. The origin of her name still eludes me although, admitedly, I have a shameful lack of knowledge of Indian culture. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to drop some science on my ass about the origins of her name. Freida Pinto and the entire cast of Slumdog Millionaire gave amazing performances and I look forward to seeing more films by them.

**UPDATE**: I did some further detective work and it seems Freida’s name originates from her being Mangalorean Catholic. Very interesting indeed. If anyone has any other information on this topic please hit me up.



Ps. Mariela and I were absolutely giddy at the sprinkling of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes thoughout the film. It pops up at least twice, including a frantic montage set aboard a train. M.I.A. also has an original song named O… Saya in the film. Slumdog Millionaire‘s soundtrack is at the top of our Christmas lists. It doesn’t come out on physical CD until December 23rd although it is available for download on itunes right now.