Holla at my Hebrew Hybrids!


Shouts to Maya Escobar! A recent post on her blog schooled me to the genius of Vanessa Hidary aka The Hebrew Mamita. As The Hebrew Mamita Hidary performs in the style of a homegirl both visually and vocally. Hidary’s persona is not a case of brown-face but a unique hybrid of two cultures; she comes correct.

Hidary’s ability to discuss her Jewish identity and experiences while talkin’ hella mad shit is amazing. She’s a kindred spirit to my Ghetto Frida project. After watching the videos on her youtube page I didn’t hesitate for a minute to head over to the official Hebrew Mamita online store and purchase her CD. She describes the album as “not appropriate for young children but spectacular for adults with flava!” a line I’m kicking myself for not coming up with.

El Rio’s got The Hebrew Mamita’s back in the Bay Area, f’sho!