A Moment of Rebirth

Despite all the clichés and catchphrases, last night will be forever about one thing to me: hope. Our gathering at SomArts was a success; artists, activists, and onlookers embraced, danced, and celebrated as the results came in. We alternated between live music and election coverage on our stage. Once a decisive victory was announced we danced until Obama was ready to give his acceptance speech. I’m a Green voter but there was no denying the collective energy in the room last night. I thought his speech was brilliant, the best by any major politician in my lifetime so far. It was the moment of our national redemption and rebirth.

The Moment of Victory
The Moment of Victory
Watching the Speech
Watching the Speech




1 thought on “A Moment of Rebirth”

  1. I cried like a baby. And for a moment I started to believe that the borders would come down in an instant, I could marry anyone I wanted to and that the arts would be flooded with money…then I remembered the part where he said we have a lot of work ahead of us. And I chilled out. Then I went hyphy on the streets of Oakland. the end.

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