On the eve of history

Welcome to my new blog. After leaving myspace for facebook I decided I needed a more formal presentation of my work and thoughts. My homegirl Cindylu actually helped me set up my wordpress account more than two years ago but it has lied dormant until now.

I’m filled with nervous energy tonight. The Day of the Dead art exhibit that I curated is having its closing reception and our country is deciding its future. There’s many great things to come so please check back soon.

Laulin Osher in Balmy Alley
Laulin Osher in Balmy Alley




1 thought on “On the eve of history”

  1. Yo Rio! I am happy to see the blog. I would love to see your shows too… if San Diego wasn’t so damn far. Any case, I will check back often, I look forward to it!

    On the other hand, mah boy’s the President!

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