El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my friends and lovers! El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards are back in the mix to get their kicks! This is the 10th year of my cards and it’s turned into my longest running project yet. Enjoy! As always, please post these cards on the pages of your social media friends, casual booty calls, instagram crushes, sanchas, Tinder regrets, and people you sext on snapchat. To see a complete collection of El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elrio/sets/72157594533338379/









ORG XMIT: LA111 FILE - This March 9, 1988 file provided by Warner Bros., shows actor Edward James Olmos, left, comparing notes with high school teacher Jaime Escalante during the filming of the Warner Bros. film "Stand And Deliver," in Los Angeles. Escalante died Tuesday March 30, 2010 in Reno, Nev. He was 79. (AP Photo/Warner Bros., File) NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT 09112010xALDIA HERENCIA HISPANA







Peace and Love,



3 thoughts on “El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards 2016”

  1. Hi Rio! Thank you so much. You are a devil of a sweetie. BTW, are you still working with us on Crossing to Safety? Let me know ASAP!!!!! Drop off and installation begins Feb. 27 – March 1, show opens March 3. We need an image, short artist statement and bio… you know the drill. Best and happy v-day, Elizabeth 510-407-0712

    Elizabeth Addison MFA http://www.elizabethaddison.com

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