Yassss Jedi, I’m 36

YassssJediCDFRONTYasssJediCDBACK This mix is special to me. 11 months ago I started my current job and another big chapter in my life. It’s been a stabilizing force that I’ve been very grateful for even on the days when I come home exhausted and so over office life. These are the songs that carry me door-to-door from work to home. The down-tempo electronic songs that start the mix off are what I decompress to as I walk from my office building down to BART on Market street. The rest keep my energy up as I ride in a packed BART train home to the East Bay. The artwork on the front cover are Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson as Finn and Ilana Glazer as Rey from The Force Awakens. Two of my favorite pieces of media from the last year.

If you’re reading this, I’m humbly thankful that you’re in my life and sharing this is a little way of saying thanks:


Peace & happy birthday to me!


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