Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow

DSC_0227Today is Dia de los Muertos.

Around this time of year there’s a lot of discussion about cultural appropriation and the lost spirit of the procession in San Francisco. If there was a way to turn the tide of of people treating Dia de los Muertos like a frat party, a colorful extension of Halloween, or a Mexican Mardi Gras it would have been done long ago. I don’t know if it’s acceptance or surrender but I feel more at peace with it this year.

As someone who curates an exhibit that features a wide and diverse array of artists sharing their visions of offerings and altars the most important thing to hold onto is the sense that it’s personal. That someone or something is being honored from a personal and sincere place. That’s how I choose to participate with it as a cultural and spiritual practice.

DSC_0387Speaking of the exhibit I curate, it will be on display for one more week with a closing reception on Saturday, November 7th. More info can be found here:

Once more I’ve teamed up with my BFF Mayra Ramirez to produce another set of images for the show. For the 3rd year in a row we’ve been joined by makeup artist Leanne ElRod Rodriguez. To see a complete gallery of photos from this years shoot visit








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