The day before Thanksgiving I was doing some massive cleaning and reorganization of my stuff. I threw out mountains of old junk I’ve acquired in the last ten or so years. Going through my old belongings became an emotional experience. I found photographs, drawings, and writings that I hadn’t seen in almost a decade.

Coming across an early draft of a screenplay I worked on throughout my teenage years was quite a trip.
Writing it was my escape from the stress of high school life. I cringed a little, in retrospect, at how loaded it is with 90’s pop culture references. I’ll probably be sharing some of my old comics here but the screenplay is a bit too personal and embarrassing.

One of the gems I came across was this photo of me and my brother from another mother Alex Sanchez. This photo was shot in 2002 by our Calarts classmate Bunny Lampert. The photoshoot was spontaneous, someone suggested we take some photos by Calarts’ Super Shop and off came my shirt and I went straight into a gangsta-lean.

I really love this series but only came across this one print. As I continue to go through my things I’ll hopefully find more. Until then, enjoy this cholo-rific photo from my past.




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