*Le Sigh*

I often describe profound moments in my life as having a Wonder Years narration to them. In looking back on these moments I can hear my inner-Kevin Arnold narrating them in a nostalgic tone full of longing. This inner-Kevin Arnold was left speechless as my childhood flashed before my eyes upon viewing this recent picture of Danica Mckellar (Winnie Cooper).

Photo by Jeremy Goldberg
Photo by Jeremy Goldberg

The two biggest icons of my childhood were Godzilla and Winnie Cooper. One was my hero and the other my first crush. Godzilla’s fantasy violence and Winnie’s unconditional friendship with Kevin on The Wonder Years were comforts and provided an escape from the very real violence of the Mission District in my youth. The universes and mythologies of Godzilla and Winnie Cooper have stuck with me after all these years. My support of Danica Mckellar’s post-Wonder Years career has been well documented. I’ve also been writing a blog about my lifelong interest in Godzilla for the last week and will publish it soon. I wasn’t planning on writing about Winnie Cooper but stumbling across the above image (via twitter of course) struck me with inspiration. Danica Mckellar was my first crush and still reigns as my #1 crush to this day. *Le Sigh*

"Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again"



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