Mom is a Rebel

My homegirl Melanie Cervantes just sent me a link to work she did recently with her organization Dignidad Rebelde. As part of marches and activities centered around May 1st she produced a series of bandanas to be worn by protesters that feature my mom’s “Who’s the Illegal Alien Pilgrim” artwork. Quite a stylish way to stay anonymous if I do say so myself.

Melanie’s photo and explanation are below.

Huaxtec invited us to be part of their banner and art making party and BBQ in preparation for May 1st (the art not the BBQ).  We were able to support the production of bandanas using classic images like that of Yolanda Lopez’s “Whose the Illegal Alien Pilgram?” and slogans like “We didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us”. Young people also produced silkscreened posters, stenciled posters and graffiti style banners.




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