Chic et Artistic and Dan Black: Symphonies

I just discovered this mind blowing song by Dan Black about 20 minutes ago I’m super excited to be writing about it. This joint is going to be my song for the summer. I ran across it on Big Stereo and wanted to chime in about it. The video is directed by french art team Artistic et Chic and does a great job of capturing the aesthetics of so many films, posters, and album covers. Seeing the Blade Runner bit might finally convince me to go in drag as Pris this Halloween.

Symphonies isn’t available for download yet and Black’s album will be out later this month. Until then there is a free official download of Passion Pit’s remix of Symphonies HERE.

The song is actually an extrapolation of Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize. Dan Black originally produced Symphonies as a cover of Hypnotize entitled Hypntz. To download Hypntz follow this link. I prefer Symphonies, it’s strong enough to stand on its own but Hypntz transforms Biggie’s original song into a grand sorrowful epic. Check it out!

Chic et Artistic also produced a handful of animated gifs for Dan Black that are doing their part to reclaim the animated gif. Check out their clever work below:




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