9th Anniversary

9th AnniversaryToday marks nine incredible years of love, lovin’ and everything in between. When we met I had just turned 20 and Mariela was 19 years old; we were both students at CCSF. Now we’re both 29 year olds navigating life as professionals in fields that we both feel passionate about. *Whew* the times they are a changin’! As Nelly Furtado once said, my love grows deeper every day.

To commemorate the occasion I created the above graphic. I’ve also been experimenting with animated gifs recently in Photoshop. The images below represent my first baby steps in making my own animated gifs. They’re labors of love that will give you seizures if you stare at them too long. Enjoy!



Peace (and love),



3 thoughts on “9th Anniversary”

  1. The what is my purpose, where do I fit question resonated with me. I’ve actually been thinking this week about how to pull my creative passion into my work. I have a great job, so for me the challenge is ingtreating my work with my art and my writing in some cobbled up way.

  2. Pues a mí el sistema de compate me parecía cojonudo.Para peleas chorras: machacas a todo dios sin pausar ni nada.Peleas duras: usas los turnos, pausando cuando necesites pensar.Es un sistema por turnos sin el coñazo habitual de estos sistemas.

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