So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Best Friends Forever

Last night I went to a reading & signing by author Jennifer Weiner at the Ferry Building.  Weiner is Mariela’s favorite author but because of her work schedule she wasn’t able to attend the event; I went as her proxy. It was hands-down the funniest book event I’ve ever been to. Homegirl was the most foul-mouthed author I’ve ever seen or heard, even more so than Junot Diaz (and Diaz gets ill on the profanity tip).

It was also the most honest and open I had ever seen an author be in talking about their work and personal lives. Weiner dished equally on the politics of developing her works for film & television and her stressed relationship with her villainous mother-in-law. The most surprising moment came when she gave an honest assessment of the cover of her most recent book Best Friends Forever.

I’m not surprised if a lot of authors don’t always like the covers to their books but DAMN! I’d never think a writer would be so quick to criticize the design of their own novel when it’s hot of the presses. Weiner whipped out a copy of Best Friends Forever and straight up called the cover a douche ad. She took a couple of digs at the cover throughout the course of the event, alas I was only able to document her initial assesment of the cover. Peep this:

Does it look like a douche ad with bonus ass-picking? I’ll let you be the judge.

Peace out,



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