Meeting with Maya (and new Animation!)

Maya Chinchilla and I met up yesterday at Phat Philly to make solid plans for two projects we want to collaborate on. Short of going to Pinks (*cough**cough* Cindylu) in Los Angeles, a Phat Philly cheesesteak is the most filling meal you can have. I ordered the mushroom cheesesteak and got the huge feast documented below.

After our productive meeting we decided to undertake a photo sequence animation test around the Mission. I’m trying to develop my rough techniques in creating them and took some big steps forward working with Maya. Check it out!

I really like our results but I need to get new editing software because imovie won’t let me have frames shorter than .3 seconds long. Any free/cheap suggestions of OSX software that can do this?



Ps. Shouts to the lovely Michelle Wallace who wrote up my work on her blog Art on Both Sides of the Wall. Thanks Michelle, this is the second write-up of my work thus far and I’m really excited about it.



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