Crash Answered My Question! *Swoon*

After posing a question to Crash on mun2 as part of their Ask so and so a Question series I was shocked to see that it was actually selected to be answered! I am a huge fan of Crash and the Chica’s Project and seeing this video made my year. In the original video my question comes up at the 3:43 mark but I’ve edited it down to my moment in the spotlight below.

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My question came from a comment Crash made on The Mun2 Shift Late Night. After airing Los Abandoned’s video for Van Nuys (es Very Nice) Crash said something to effect of “I can’t stand that band and I’m so glad they broke up!”

At the time I thought “Damn, that’s kinda fucked up.” As Crash reveals in her answer, her real beef is with Los Abandoned’s lead singer Lady P (AKA Pilar Diaz). Her answer is filled with all sorts of juicy chisme and I can’t blame Crash for shitlisting Los Abandoned if she was treated rudely. I was torn between my loyalty to Crash’s awesomeness and the fact that Lady P is a fellow Calarts alumni.

In this clash of the titans I’m going to have to get Crash’s back. Mostly because we have the same passion for Rogue of the X-Men.

If you know me then you know that Rogue is my all time favorite super hero/comic book character. The only tattoo I’ve ever contemplated getting is a Rogue tattoo.  Anyways, If you watch the original video it shows that Crash knows her shit about Rogue so I’m down for homegirl.

¡Orale Crash!



1 thought on “Crash Answered My Question! *Swoon*”

  1. Sounds like your girl “crash” is nothin more than a hater. “I dont like her face..” sounds like somethin a 15 yr old female would say. She shouldn’t think she is that special that pilar would constantly be rude to Her. who is this “crash person” anyway? Awesome? You probably just wanna hit it. smh.

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