With a little help from Las Mayas

Everything has been crazy lately. Although I have been super-productive I have also weathered a handful of tense moments in the last couple of days. My therapy for stress these days has been to produce a ridiculous lip-sync video using photobooth. Below is the product of my latest locura.

What’s kept me sane (aside from the fabulous love and support given to me by Mariela) are my new partners in art mischief who have given me things to smile about.

Y’know, I’ve never met a Maya I didn’t like, especially Guatemalan ones (in fact, I think they’re ALL Guatemalan). I just wanna give a holla to Maya Escobar and Maya Chinchilla for keeping me amused, challenged, and creatively active. I’ve kinda lapsed on our respective projects this past week but I want you both to know that you’re continuing to inspire me. Once the exhibit is up at the end of this coming week, we will take over the world once again.

Me and Maya Escobar: Long Distance Mashup

Me and my homegirl Maya Chinchilla

Thanks Mayas!




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