Purikura Characters

Okay, amidst all of the crazy Day of the Dead activity in the last two weeks I’ve been secretly collaborating with the talented and amazing Maya Escobar. We’ve been shooting ideas back and forth and working hard to meld her Acciones Plasticas series with my new obsession with Japanese Purikura aesthetics. I’ll be sharing the final artworks soon but I thought I’d show off some of the Purikura characters we created that are elements of the pieces.

Perhaps I should rewind and explain, Japanese photobooths (known as Purikura or print-club) usually allow you to digitally decorate your photographs after you take them. A common decoration are simply drawn characters that can add a twist and some flavor to Purikura portraits (for example this amorous salaryman in my portrait with Ava). In the case of my collaboration with Maya, they are tropes meant to inform the subjects of the artwork.

Without further ado here they are:

It’s been a great experience working with Maya and I’ll be sharing the fruits of our labor shortly. Come back soon!




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