Halloween Report

Halloween 2009 was on a crackin’ this year in the Mission District. Thanks to some last minute makeup and wardrobe assists from Mariela and my Mom, I became Zombie Frida. Even for a flesh-rotten member of the undead community I was quite the hot mess.

Mariela on the other hand looked great as a vampire. We hooked up and haunted the streets of the Mission in search of blood, brains, and candy.

Zombie Frida herself was a character I created a couple of years back for a series of comic strips that I did about raising the undead.

Since I’ve been doing so much about Purikura these days I think I’ll leave you all with something from the motherland. Here is infamous multi-ethnic Japanese adult-film superstar Maria Ozawa taking part in some Halloween Purikura which she posted on her blog.




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