Curate an exhibit at SomArts

I’ve been asked by various people about how to go about having an exhibit at SomArts. If you’ve always wanted to create an exhibit at SomArts here is your chance:

Power (and Funding) to the People! SOMArts Cultural Center Seeks Proposals for The Commons Fund & Curatorial Residency

San Francisco, CA, January 11, 2010 SOMArts Cultural Center Executive Director Lex Leifheit announced today a new source of support for artists and curators—The Commons Fund and Residency. With support from the Fund, up to six curators each year will receive free exhibition space in the SOMArts Main Gallery, and those living in San Francisco are eligible for financial support to engage the Bay Area’s many cultural communities, expand their practice and turn vision into reality.

Leifheit commented, “the SOMArts Main Gallery was founded by San Francisco Art Institute graduates as an alternative venue for unique and non-mainstream work, and 30 years later we are still an essential large-scale venue for any artist or curator who wishes to engage the Bay Area’s cultural communities. By creating the Commons Fund and Residency, we are expanding our commitment to artists during a time of great need, and encouraging their continued work of fostering a vital cultural life in San Francisco.”

At press time, SOMArts had secured resources for up to six individuals or organizations to receive the following: financial support consisting of a curatorial stipend and materials reimbursement ranging between $500 and $1,000, a month-long exhibition in the SOMArts Main Gallery, technical assistance, and marketing support. Leifheit said they were still actively pursuing individual donors and like-minded foundations.

Why “the commons?”

The term “the commons,” conceived of for this program by SOMArts’s Curator & Gallery Director Justin Hoover, refers to a space that is shared by the community as a whole. SOMArts is committed to supporting artists at all levels of development and reflecting San Francisco’s citizens in the service of its mission: to promote and nurture art on the community level and foster an appreciation of and respect for all cultures.

How can artists find out more?

SOMArts is hosting a q&a as part of its Community Support Board meeting on Tuesday, January 19 at 6:30pm as well as two online live-chat sessions—January 20 at 8pm and January 29 at 2pm. Artists who would like to speak one-on-one about their proposal can visit the SOMArts gallery and administrative office on Saturday, January 30 from noon to 4pm. SOMArts is located at 934 Brannan St. in San Francisco.

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, February 17, 2010. All applications must be received in the SOMArts office by 5pm.

Get the full details and application here




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