Nighthawks Remix

Hot damn! Guillermo Gomez-Peña and la Pocha Nostra just formally launched their official site for their collaboration with photographer RJ Muna at:

I’ve written about Muna’s work with La Pocha Nostra before and have sat in on their shoots. Guillermo always seems to round up an interesting cast of characters for each of his shoots and I’m proud to say that my Dad is usually a regular. My favorite of the recent sets on the site is Nighthawks Remix, photographed at my favorite bar the Rite Spot. Check it out at:

One of the photos features Rene throwing down in an arm wrestling match with James Luna. Get ’em Dad!

Also in the mix is my homegirl, the talented and beautiful Jocelyn Superstar. What can I say? Ms. Superstar makes being a visual artist look good and peep game on her crafted sunglasses.

Check out the further adventures of Gomez-Peña and company and tell ’em Rio sent ya!




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