Adventures in the 3rd Dimension

What’s good everyone? I’ve spent the last few weeks sliding into an obsession with 3D art. I’m currently being mentored in the art of anaglyph image making by 3D master artist Stan Heller. He’s the Yoda to my Luke Skywalker.

I’m in the infancy of 3D skills and thus far I’ve been working on photographs and not my graphic work. That will change soon enough but I’ve had a fun time creating three dimensional images of my homegirls.

Things have been going so good that I’m now a teacher’s assistant in a youth 3D Comic Art class at 826 Valencia. Stan will be teaching the class for the next few Saturdays and so far working with the young artists has been really great. You can see work from the students in the class HERE.

I’ve also been converting some of my Dad’s collages to 3D. This has been a really challenging process and helped me learn a lot about the dynamics of 3D image making. Below are two Rene Yañez originals that I’ve converted into 3D.

More to come soon,



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