Denim Adventures

Hey everyone,

Things are officially crazy. I am busy and overwhelmed in the best way possible. I have a lot of projects coming to fruition in August and balancing my work for them has become a full time job for me.

Rene and I have been working with the printers and facilitators at the Levis Workshop on 580 Valencia Street. We are curating an exhibit titled Mission Icons in the Time of Change. The show opens Saturday, August 21st and 8pm. It’s a print show where artists present their vision of Mission District icons and all work in the exhibit will be produced and printed on-site at the workshop. Artists include: Rachel-Anne Palacios (above), Ana Teresa Fernandez (below), Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Ivan Lopez, Txutxo Perez, and Jos Sances. More info coming soon.




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