Las Bomberas de la Bahia at Bollyhood with Animated Gifs!

Last night was one of the greatest nights of my life. Galeria de la Raza’s 40th Anniversary exhibit was a profound and exciting experience for me (photos comin’ soon!). The evening was topped off by a trip to Bollyhood Cafe to see Las Bomberas de la Bahia. I was fortunate enough to meet Vanessa and Denise of the group during my purikura party a few weeks ago and it was a thrill to finally see them perform. While they were killin’ it I shot a series of animated gifs. Below are the results.

There were all sorts of amazing folks in the audience including some of my favorite people like Rosi Reyes, DJ Aztec Parrot, Sarah Guerra, Ester Hernandez, El Javi, and Emael. I managed to capture a few of them below:




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