Podcast Episode #7: They Were Listening to Elvis

As I wrote about earlier Girl in a Coma were pulled over by Alabama Border Patrol agents (originally reported by Jim Mendiola at Ken Burns Hates Mexicans). In response I pulled a Commissioner Gordon and quickly shone the Chicano Bat signal to assemble a round table discussion on the incident. Joining me for episode #7 of my podcast are DJ Rosi Reyes, Professor Katynka Martinez, and Korean pop culture expert Lola. Listen in as we discuss Girl in a Coma, the migration of Elvis Presley, and the she devils of the immigrant rights movement.

Careless Whispers Episode 7




2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #7: They Were Listening to Elvis”

  1. oooh, being a calitexican, i have to say my defenses went up when i heard some hate on texas towards the end of the podcast. however, i’m glad that someone interjected with the sentiment “is texas any worse than california?”

    have to say that is one of my pet peeves. unless you have some evidence to back it up, please don’t mess with texas (granted, there are, unfortunately, many examples, but i can name many here as well in the califas–oscar grant for starters).

    /rant. 🙂

    in all sincerity though, thanks for sharing rio!

  2. Thanks Calitexican! I have to confess that like a lot of Bay Area Latinos, I too share the perception that Latinos have it more rough in Texas. I think amazing people like you, GIAC, and Jim Mendiola have been responsible for changing that perception over time. Indeed, our glass house in California is mighty fragile these days.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and much love to Texas.

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