Girl in a Coma vs. The Alabama Border Patrol

Holy shitloads of fuck!

Driving through Alabama yesterday while on tour, Texas indie rock band Girl in a Coma got pulled over by la Migra. Their crime: Driving While Brown. Seems the Border Patrol agents stopped the band  because they saw two Latinas in the front seats, the van had Texas plates, and was “full of luggage.” It was one in the morning. The agent asked them for their papers.

Read the whole story at Ken Burns Hates Mexicans.

I’m trying to meet up with Professor Katynka Martinez to record a podcast discussing the significance of this event. This is BIG and I want to put it in its proper context. Don’t sleep on this one.



Ps. Jimmy Mendiola is my hero.


4 thoughts on “Girl in a Coma vs. The Alabama Border Patrol”

  1. “Driving while brown”?..Shut up you idiot, you wouldn’t know big if it cracked you over the back of the head. You stupid spics always cry like little babies. So your saying there is no such thing as latino police officers? Heres some advice, stop lying about everything and wake the fuck up out of your self indulgent delusional coma.

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