Two Nights of Victory – With Podcast!

The last 72 hours have been a chaotic blur. Halloween, my Mom’s birthday, Day of the Dead and of course the Giants winning the World Series have all gone down in that short span. This post chronicles those last 3 days with my Giants lovin’ homies in the Mission.

The moment the Giants won the World Series I was in my Design class and heard a loud eruption across the Mission District. When I got outside moments later I made a quick field recording of the beautiful cacophony that came in from every direction and reported on what was going on at that exact moment. Listen below:

Giants Win the World Series, The Mission District Reacts

These last few nights wouldn’t be complete without some animated gifs of my fellow revelers so lets get to it!


Hipsters dancing outside the Phone Booth on 25th and South Van Ness
The Sunnyside Gardener
Ms. Margarita
DJ Rosi Reyes
24th Street




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