Hoppers State of Mind

What’s good everyone? Life has been very kind to me lately with new friends, collaborators, and opportunities. This week I found out that I will be exhibiting alongside my hero and greatest creative influence Jaime Hernandez in an exhibit of Latino graphic narrative art at MACLA. This has been a lifelong dream of mine since I first picked up my mom’s copy of Music for Mechanics as a teenager. The show opens in late January and I’ll be posting more information as it comes my way.

My piece in the exhibit will be a collaboration with performance artist and chola muse Mayra Ramirez. We’re in the process of planning out a short comic narrative that will be in 3D. I’m hoping to post some sketches soon.

I also want to share a link to the newly redesigned site of my favorite painter Ana Teresa Fernandez. Ana’s new wordpress site has inspired me to go in and redesign my own wordpress digs. So fresh and so clean! Check it out and peep her amazing intro graphic:




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