Hybridity and Vanity

After having it on my iphone for months and months I finally tried out the official Rip Slyme Camera app. If you don’t know, Rip Slyme is a Japanese hip-hop group. I’m more of an m-flo fan myself but I love the graphics that you’re able to frame each shot with. I guess I’ve had the unique cultural relationship between Chicanos and the Japanese on my mind after the homegirl Mayra Ramirez posted a recent blog about Mona A.K.A. Sad Girl. Mona is a Japanese singer deep in the mix of the cholo subculture in Japan. I created a portrait of Mona in 2009 as part of my Hybridity series of Japanese cholos and cholas. In honor of our tangled web of cultural reciprocation here’s my best Rip Slyme Camera portrait.

You can download the Rip Slyme Camera app by searching for it on the itunes app store or by clicking on the image below.




1 thought on “Hybridity and Vanity”

  1. sugoi!! so interesting culture mix! thx posting this.
    will have to chk this in japan next time. makes sense bcuz japanese love fashionable hobbies and tinkering. mods + scooters, rockabilly + elvis, choppers + leather, etc. reciprocally, hiphop and cholo culture have long been influenced by anime and manga. so much of the graffiti style, car paint and decals and such is japanese influenced. (not to mention pacific islands, HK, SE asia, philippines, mainland asia and china)

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