Inspiration and Perspiration

Hey everyone! I am on a major time crunch to get some art work done and I’m in slight haze from being awake for 48 hours but damn if I don’t feel excited and inspired. Things are coming along great with my collaboration with performance artist Mayra Ramirez. Here are some more images from the series below:




Alter Egos Y Que!

Life is crazy, life is great. I’m sweatin’ some major art deadlines right now but I continue to be inspired by good friends and good parties. I’m still smiling wide from my recent co-birthday party with my homegirl Katynka.

True to our hype, Katynka and I came through with our Veruca Salt and Doctor Who costumes.

To see a buncha photos from the party see my album on flickr HERE.



You’re Gonna Cry

I’m really happy to announce that my creative relationship with writer/performer Paul Flores is continuing this February for his latest production. On top of designing his latest promotional materials I’m also designing the set for the show. I’m super excited!

February 11-12, 2011
Dance Mission Theater presents
the World Premiere of YOU’RE GONNA CRY

Written and Performed by PAUL S. FLORES
Directed by Brian Freeman
Digital Mural Design by Rio Yanez
February 11-12, 2011 @ 8 pm
Tickets $15 gen, $12 student w/id *

The real lives of Mission District residents at the height of gentrification

HBO Def Poet and Youth Speaks co-founder Paul S. Flores takes us back to the 1990’s to capture the abrupt changes seen throughout the Mission District brought on by the dot-com boom and bust, the real estate bubble, constant immigration and forced evictions. Portraying a kaleidoscope of offbeat, vibrant characters, Flores gives voice to the techies looking to remodel the place, to the Latino bohemians wandering the bars and cafes, to locals and immigrants with a stake in the heart of San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood. At the crux of You’re Gonna Cry is a heartbreaking story chronicling the human cost of gentrification. Flores brings a critical perspective combined with raw realism and even a gangster puppet show to illuminate a historic moment when the city’s facade and cultural landscape changed.

Artistic Design Team includes: Tanya Orellana (set) / Adrian Hernandez (video) / Kaibrina Skybuck (costumes) / Rashad Pridgen (choreography) / Alejandro Acosta (sound) / Marissa Marshall (lights)

Performance contains use of Spanish and graphic language
This project received support from The Center for Cultural Innovation Investing In Artists Grant, Theater Bay Area CA$H grant, and United States Artists Projects

More coming soon!




I am 31 and happy. On my 31ist birthday a dream came true and my blog was graced by Cindylu and a most amazing guest post. Cindylu is a great friend but also the reason I started blogging and sharing my artwork online. Thanks so much homegirl!

Equally awesome was this post by Meligrosa. It hella made me blush and made me feel so lucky to have such special friends in my life. ADM! Gracias Meli!

Last but not least, my crush on singer Fernanda Karolys is well documented and it made my day to get this birthday greeting from her on facebook. Among other things, Fernanda is the singer featured on Clorofila’s “BabyRock” Rock, my absolute favorite song of 2010. *Le sigh*.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes on my birthday. I’ll leave you with this video encapsulating the second-half of my 30th year on Earth. All I can say right now is that I’m looking forward to what 31 has in store for me.



31 Today

Guest post by Cindylu:

I’m jealous of Rio. Today, he gets to say he’s 31. I’m counting down the days until I can say that. Yeah, I know I’m not your average woman.

I’m obsessed with the number 31. I take photos of it when I see it randomly on a bus or sign. I make a point of noting it as a hash tag on my Twitter feed when something is #31ftw (for the win, e.g., my favorite baseball player Andre Ethier hitting 31 home runs in 2009) or #31fail (e.g., Justice Sonia Sotomayor getting 31 nay votes in her Senate confirmation). My friends and family don’t get it, but they still send me photos when they spot a 31.

The truth? I don’t really get it either. My affinity began late in high school. That was when friends started teasing me about my many crushes and I eanred the nickname “31 Flavors.” I didn’t mind it, after all, I was born on the 31st of August. Soon, the nickname became part of my first email address.

All the photos? That didn’t begin until I bought a digital camera. I went out to lunch with my ex-roommate at a diner. We ordered our food and the cashier gave us a number for our table. I had to take a picture.

I didn't get lucky today

Soon, I was spotting it around school, LA, in my travels and so on. I made more pictures.

I just kept taking pictures, but for the first time I really stopped to think about what 31 means and why it’s awesome. Some reasons why:
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Novelas, Love and Other Adventures

In less than 24 hours my 31ist birthday will be upon me. In my mailbox today there was the postcard for my next exhibit and seeing it brought a tear to my eye. I can’t think of a better way to close out my 30th year and start my 31st than by seeing my name listed between Jaime Hernandez, my art hero and greatest influence, and Mayra Ramirez, one of my best friends. Today I feel truly humbled and blessed.

Novelas, Love and Other Adventures

Featuring: Jaime Hernandez, Rio Yañez and Mayra Ramirez

This group show investigates the realm of graphic novels and comic books from a Latino perspective


510 S. First Street

San Jose, CA 95113

Exhibition Dates: January 26th – March 26th, 2011

Opening Reception and Artist Talk: February 4th, at 7:00pm

Join us for a gallery walk through and an engaging conversation about their work.

Comic and Graphic Novel Workshop: Saturday, February 19th, 2011

For more information please call: (408) 998-2808

Gallery hours: Wednesday & Thursday, 12:00pm to 7:00pm, Friday & Saturday, 12:00pm to 5:00pm and by special appointment.

Free Admission

Thus Far…

My year has kicked off to a busy start. As the last days of my 30th year on Earth count down here’s a short recap of my recent adventures.

I toured the Mission and took 3D photos with Ms. Sarah Guerra.

Holy shite! We came across the demolished remains of the 24th and Mission bus shelter. The word on the street  was that a MUNI bus crash straight through it. No one knew if there were any injuries or fatalities.

On El dia de los tres Reyes Magos I ventured to the home of the Martinez sisters to have some dinner and learn about new traditions. Having not being raised Catholic the whole idea of baking a cake with a plastic Jesus figure in it blew my mind. When cutting a piece of the cake I ended up sinking the knife right into the legs of little hey-seuss. It was sacrilicious.

The Martinez sisters also had the most amazing, truly Post-Chicana, nativity scene in their kitchen.

My collaboration with performance artist Mayra Ramirez is going strong. I was privileged enough to see her make snickerdoodles while dressed in full breezy homegirl gear.

On New Year’s Day, me and the crew celebrated the birthday of Ms. Katynka Martinez. We started with some homecooked pozole at Rosi’s place and then head to Playa Azul on Mission Street in the midnight hour.

Did you know the mural at Playa Azul depicts a gory feeding freezy teeming with crimson mouthed sharks? It’s fucked up! Chomp! Om nom nom!