I am 31 and happy. On my 31ist birthday a dream came true and my blog was graced by Cindylu and a most amazing guest post. Cindylu is a great friend but also the reason I started blogging and sharing my artwork online. Thanks so much homegirl!

Equally awesome was this post by Meligrosa. It hella made me blush and made me feel so lucky to have such special friends in my life. ADM! Gracias Meli!

Last but not least, my crush on singer Fernanda Karolys is well documented and it made my day to get this birthday greeting from her on facebook. Among other things, Fernanda is the singer featured on Clorofila’s “BabyRock” Rock, my absolute favorite song of 2010. *Le sigh*.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes on my birthday. I’ll leave you with this video encapsulating the second-half of my 30th year on Earth. All I can say right now is that I’m looking forward to what 31 has in store for me.




Social Media Swoon on the Nortec Tip

To say that Clorofila’s “BabyRock Rock” is my jam of the moment is an understatement. I am completely obsessed with the song and have been looping it on my ipod whenever I go out for a walk. It’s one of those songs that I know I’ll associate with this phase of my life for years to come.

In one of my dorkier moments of artistic crushing I sent a friend request on facebook to the song’s vocalist Fernanda Karolys. She accepted and much to my surprise she “liked” my link to a live version of the song. It made my night. *Le sigh.*

Here is the live video I shared the link to. It’s truly a masterpiece in my humble opinion.

Peace and Nortec,