Calling All Chilean Velociraptors

Instead of doing any 2010 retrospective posts I’m going to share with you a track from my favorite album of 2010. Chilean duo Dënver’s Música, gramática, gimnasia has hella been in rotation since I got it. 2010 has definitely been a good year for Chilean music with Javiera Mena and Tunacola also having amazing songs and albums.

It took me a while to fully listen to all of the tracks on Música, gramática, gimnasia and when I finally came around to the song Lo Que Quieras it blew my mind. Hidden within the song at about the 2:30 mark is John William’s theme to Jurassic Park! For a pocho-nerd like me it was almost too good to be true. Any crossover between my cultural identity and nerd interests can be pretty rare so this discovery had me so excited for the last weeks of 2010. There are plenty of write-ups in Español that mention the Jurassic Park connection but nothing else in English, so allow me to break some ground…

Lo que quieras

I’m not sure if the use of Jurassic Park’s theme counts as a sample, homage, or outright swipe but I love how it’s incorporated into the song.

The video straddles the line between cool art and a fuckload of hipster excess. Check it out below:




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