Purikura Scavenger Hunt Blitz!

This past weekend I ventured to Pika Pika in Japantown to compete in their very first scavenger hunt. Joining me were the Calitexican, poet Abraham Velazquez, and theater masterminds Sarah Guerra, Melinna Bobadilla, and Dorothy Martinez. Sarah and I joined together as a team under the name Tokyo Sucka Punch and hit the ground running.

After the scavenger hunt we had a marathon purikura party lasting for several hours.One of my favorites was the gory scene to the left below conceived and executed by Melinna.

And here’s a video of how it was made:

Of course I couldn’t resist taking some animated gifs so here are a few of the crew in action at Pika Pika.

Last but not least I compiled a video of all of our in-booth hijinks below.




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