What’s new these days?

I am back on tumblr with http://hellamoz.com/ follow me and my Morrissey related antics there…If you dare!

The Great Tortilla Conspiracy recently made an appearance at a Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s performance art party where we made:

Huey Fig Newtons! They were delicious. All power to the people!

Planning a possible collaboration with my all-time favorite painter Ana Teresa Fernandez. Stay tuned for more news about it!

Just a reminder, I have work up at Pueblo Nuevo Gallery in a show called Suavecito. It’s curated by…

The one and only Mayra Ramirez, breeziest curator in the western art world.

Will I ever shoot another photograph as cool as the one above or have I reached my apex?

Still going strong with my excursions into animated gifs. I’m beginning to experiment with more cinematic techniques.

That’s it for now,  stay tuned!



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