Mexicans Love Morrissey

Last night I was part of part of the first official planning meeting for Mexicans Love Morrissey a party/event/art exhibit centering around Morrissey, the Smiths, and Los Angeles nostalgia. The inner-circle of this event include myself, Elena White, and my podcasting partner in crime Katynka Martinez. More info on this event and future Mexicans Love Morrissey parties coming soon! Until then listen to this behind the scenes audio interview with Elena and Katynka on Morrissey and Los Angeles in the 80’s.

Mexicans Love Morrissey Meeting




3 thoughts on “Mexicans Love Morrissey”

  1. I’ve loved many a Mexican and also have grown up loving Morrissey… I’ve done my time yo! I’m here to infiltrate as a Central American who loves Morrissey. Best recognize.

    1. Eyyyyy! It’s nothing but love. The party is meant to be all inclusive, we just like the way the words Mexicans and Morrissey flow together.

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