Peeking out from the void

Life is a little crazy right now but in the most amazing and productive ways. I just posted some photographs of the amazing Mayra Ramirez as part of my yearly Dia de los Muertos photo series. Check out the complete series HERE.

Aside from school, my life has been taken over by the yearly Day of the Dead exhibit that I co-curate at Somarts. It opens this Friday, more info on it HERE.

The great thing about the show is that it will feature Maya Escobar of Escobar-Morales. Maya is my most favorite person in the universe that I’ve never met. Over the last few years we’ve collaborated on art projects and talked endlessly on the phone and now we’re actually going to meet face to face in just a handful of hours. So exciting!

Life is good, busy, and productive. I’ll be checking in soon.



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