The Adventures of Gothic Lolita Dolores Huerta

This past weekend I took a trip to Japantown and walked away full of inspiration. During my time there I saturated myself with mind-bending Japanese stationary.  My current creative obsession is the Japanese stationary company Kamio (, especially their Hyper Monster line.

With that in mind I went home and started sketching in Illustrator and birthed Gothic Lolita Dolores Huerta.

In keeping with my interest in board games I whipped up a game involving the character and my current favorite dinosaur a Shonisaurus. Click on the image below for a hi-res printable version of it.

How to play: Players start on the Si Se Puede square and role a six sided die. The first one to reach the Shonisaurus wins. I suggest using pennies as game pieces. Have fun!




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